I'm looking at an area where a few prominent trails are missing from the OSM data set. I think they must have been there in the past.

I know how to look at given changesets and history of any current way.... but this is different. How can I see and track objects in an area that are now gone?

The answers at https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/7/how-do-i-see-the-history-for-my-area are focused on a different type of deletion. Some answers refer to a potlatch feature that's no longer current.

asked 02 Jan '17, 06:06

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Bryce C Nesbitt
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The "potlatch feature that's no longer current" still works for me, BTW.

(02 Jan '17, 16:38) SomeoneElse ♦

The standard tools for this sort of thing are Achavi and Open Histoy Viewer. People who use them regularly get good results with them.

A slightly simpler approach is to use Attic data queries with Overpass, possibly combined with a binary chop over time. In practice if I'm looking for a removed element I can usually remember a time when it was present so dont need to run multiple queries. Once you have the object id it is easy to find when it was deleted.

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answered 02 Jan '17, 09:19

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You can also show all GPX traces with potlatch2 and probably JOSM which may help if public traces have been uploaded.

(02 Jan '17, 15:56) andy mackey
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