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I have two units, a Nuvi 2639 and a Nuvi 2557. Both have worked well with OpenStreetMap but since the last Garmin updates neither sees the OpenStreetMap, not on the unit or on a mini SD. Have not been able to find a workaround.

asked 31 Dec '16, 16:21

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Hi, I know your question is a little old but did you find a fix? I have a nuvi 2569 but, after trying everything, cant get the osm maps to show up. I can see the files in myMaps on nuvi and they are selected but if I try to search "Map data is not available" appears.

(24 Oct '17, 15:06) seadal

seadal You probably know this. You need to be in the area of the map, and you need a position lock. Sometimes zooming in or out may reveal the map as you may be zoomed in to point with no detail or the whole area is tiny. But reading your comment again, i have had seen a similar message when searching for a goto, try getting and using a lat long as your destination.

(25 Oct '17, 09:47) andy mackey

I have a Nuvi 760 so my advice is not worthy I guess, never the less, I suspect that you may just need to select the OpenStreetMap and deselect the Garmin map.
To enable map products installed on your device try similar to this...
Settings > Map & Vehicle > myMaps
Select a map.

If you don't see the OSM you may need to download a new version...
Note that the current server status for the Lambertus maps could be indicative of a problem, so you may need to try another provider until that is fixed.

Experienced Garmin Nuvi advice can be also sought at the GPS Review Forum

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answered 01 Jan '17, 03:51

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Are the updates system updates from Garmin or Map updates from one of the OSM on Garmin maps built from OSM data. Did you change both at the same time? Could you, if you still have it, go back to the micro SD of OSM download that worked before? If the problem is the Garmin supplied update the old working version of Garmin software may be available somewhere. You could ask Garmin. I wouldn't want a Garmin that wouldn't work with an OSM map, for me that is a must have.

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answered 01 Jan '17, 10:12

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andy mackey
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I don't know what maps either of you are trying to use, but I'd suggest searching back through the archives of the mkgmap list . There a "Devices not accepting non Garmin maps" thread, and also search further back for "Unicode". If you can create non-Unicode maps, they may work.

Personally I never update Garmin firmware - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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answered 24 Oct '17, 15:30

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