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I made several changes to some roads in my local area about 4 days ago, using the iD in-browser editor. The changes rendered on the main OpenStreetMap map within about 12 hours. However, the directions have still not updated based on the edits I made.

I have checked various directions sites that say they use OpenStreetMap data (GraphHopper, MapQuest Open, Mapbox, and obviously the OpenStreetMap site itself). Of all the ones I checked, only GraphHopper has updated.

So does anyone know how often the directions get updated on OpenStreetMap? And is there any way to force a refresh of directions data (I believe there is a way to indicate a higher priority of tile refreshes so that your tiles will update faster). And does anyone know what the process is in terms of how and when the directions update?

Note that most questions I read here were related to how often the maps rendered the changes that someone made. This is not my question, as other people have answered that question very well. My question is solely related to the directions.

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Most routing services need to completely regenerate their internal database from a full dump of the OpenStreetMap database, whereas rendering services can track updates ("diffs") as they are made. This can be a slow process - for example, the routing database at my own site ( ) takes over two days to generate just Western Europe and North America - so routers update less frequently and on their own schedules. There is no way to force a refresh.

For the OSRM demo server (the default router used by, the routing database is usually regenerated every day. I believe at the moment (late December 2016) there may be a bug which has caused updates to pause.

Mapbox uses OSRM and will have their own schedule. Mapquest Open have significantly reduced their commitment to OSM and have contracted most of their services out to Mapbox.

If you find that Graphhopper's own servers are being updated more quickly, you can choose Graphhopper from the dropdown menu on to use that there.

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Thank you, this was incredibly informative. Do you know if there is a ticket in OSM trac for the bug you referenced? I searched trac but could not find anything related to this problem.

(26 Dec '16, 17:48) jsclev

No problem. The OSRM demo server is an external service rather than something provided as part of OSM infrastructure, so any ticket would be at the OSRM issue tracker ( I don't know what particular ticket it might be, but if you pop in on the OSRM IRC channel - , and choose channel #osrm - then you might catch one of the OSRM core developers who can give an update.

(26 Dec '16, 19:12) Richard ♦

I had to wait several days for the routing services to take into account the turn restrictions i struggled to map. I will link to the questions i asked and hopefully the time elapsed can be seen from the comments and dates. Hope this helps.

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