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Hello! I'm trying to convert osm to kmz. I've found one solution, but I need to make osm much smaller.

How can I keep only buildings in osm file? It will be perfect to keep buildings outline only with height visulization like on screenshot.

asked 19 Dec '16, 13:48

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What is your current solution?

(19 Dec '16, 15:38) skorbut

convert OSM to OBJ > convert OBJ to KMZ

(21 Dec '16, 06:18) squadgazzz

You can use osmfilter a very simple tool for such task:

osmfilter my-data.osm --keep=building=* -o=my-data-buildings.osm
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answered 21 Dec '16, 11:08

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thank you! do you maybe know a better way to visualize buildings height and convert file to kmz/kml for google earth? now I'm doing this - convert OSM to OBJ > convert OBJ to KMZ. It doesnt work for files more than 100mb size. After filtering buildings I have 500mb size file..

(21 Dec '16, 11:38) squadgazzz

If you just want a visualization you can take a look at OSM2World.

(21 Dec '16, 12:06) scai ♦

@squadgazz I have not worked on OSM 3D building, so can not suggest on this.

(21 Dec '16, 16:41) Gagan

Are you familiar with the Overpass API? I've used Overpass Turbo to visualise a simple query to extract only building=* in your area:

You can also get KML or geoJSON directly from the overpass API to import in Google Earth. In Overpass Turbo, go to 'Export', then choose the format you want.

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answered 20 Dec '16, 20:30

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cool,thanks. but how to visualize buildings height like on screenshot?

(21 Dec '16, 06:28) squadgazzz

also I have a problem with export the whole city. Moscow for example.. I already have osm file of this city(1500mb size). But don't know how to keep buildings only to make file much smaller

(21 Dec '16, 06:46) squadgazzz

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