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I'd like use the service contains raster files because I need to open a map in Earth mode.

I'm using the URLs below to open the map in street mode and is working as well, but I need open my shape file on Earth mode. Url1= Url2= Url3=

OpenStreetMap has a service with this map mode? if yes, how can I access this from TatukGIS for exemple? or just the URL like I shoed...


asked 16 Dec '16, 21:01

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Peter C Santana
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Firstly, OpenStreetMap isn't really a "service". The URLs that you mention are covered by the "Tile Usage Policy" linked from .

If you explain what you mean by "Earth Mode" someoneone might be able to answer the question (and better that you explain rather than someone else guessing).

(16 Dec '16, 21:07) SomeoneElse ♦

I mean "Earth Mode",-49.217961,3063m/data=!3m1!1e3

The mode you open the map and see building streets and rivers like a photo.

(16 Dec '16, 21:18) Peter C Santana

OpenStreetMap != Google.

Like I said above, OpenStreetMap is not a "service". OpenStreetMap has a whole bunch of data that you can download and do what you want with , subject to what it says at . Some imagery providers have made imagery available for use by OpenStreetMap, but (in the case of Bing) that's explicitly for use in the editors - see .

There are third-party imagery services available - I'd suggest you talk to one of those and discuss licensing.

(16 Dec '16, 21:27) SomeoneElse ♦

Thank you very much "SomeoneElse" for all support.

I'll talk with my boss about it, cos we have the map in ECW format but the sistem we are using doesn't not support this extension for ASP.NET. We are examining the solutions.

(17 Dec '16, 11:55) Peter C Santana

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