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I had downloaded the file from which contains israel data but it seems it doesnt contain ALL the data that exist

for example if i go to here and I enter a name of a certain street that doesnt exist on cloud map , it would be fount here

my co wants to take the full data from and convert it into our database to a certain class like stracture then doing it live

where can I get that following data from?

asked 02 Aug '10, 09:42

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Itay Eng
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Could you give us the name of the example street?

(02 Aug '10, 12:15) Harry Wood

what do you mean by example sheet :> i am using in israel.osm.bz2 inside

for example i can find using the point of "שנקין 15" while using israel.osm.bz2 i dont have that following node

my question is , how do i get those following missing nodes ? if i find them on that means that they do exist somewhere

my question is where?

(03 Aug '10, 06:19) Itay Eng

At the moment we do not provide a data export from Nominatim because the internal data structure is not suitable for efficiently providing such an output. This may change in the future, but not soon.

The reason that some points are included in Nominatim but are not available in the standard output is because they have been generated by interpolation (see Karlsruhe Schema for more details). The raw data is contained within the israel.osm.bz2 file but the individual calculated address points are not.

You can either implement the algorithm required to generate these points in your own code - you can use the Nominatim implementation as example code gazetteer-functions.sql (search for the function create_interpolation) or you could build a local israel only copy of Nominatim (instructions) and extracts the required points.

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answered 04 Aug '10, 14:58

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thank you , would try something with that out

(05 Aug '10, 08:09) Itay Eng

The file with all the OSM data in a raw form, is israel.osm.bz2 (15.9M) Check that it is this file you are downloading.

I tried your example search : "שנקין 15" and that seemed to match with this suburb place node: Node id 458713945

...and this node object is indeed present within CloudMade's Israel extract .osm file.

Some handy commands:

bunzip2 /home/harry/Desktop/israel.osm.bz2

grep 458713945 israel.osm 
  <node id="458713945" version="2" timestamp="2009-08-20T09:03:54Z" uid="90980" user="talkat" changeset="2209115" lat="32.074025" lon="34.8100487">
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answered 03 Aug '10, 18:00

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Harry Wood
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but how do i fetch the house number ? like 15 or 10 using the .osm file?

(04 Aug '10, 07:22) Itay Eng

I could be wrong, but I don't think nominatim is matching on the housenumber in this case. It's just finding that suburb node which doesn't have any addressing on it. There may be some addressing data in osm, which should also be present in the cloudmade Israel extract, but this particular search doesn't seem to be matching or using any housenumbers.

(04 Aug '10, 11:49) Harry Wood

thank you v.much for your replay

well you are right , שנקין is fount there and it was my mistake with the number

i have tried to get a different street name like הגת which at nominatim if i enter a number between 10 to 16 for example would give me different points on the map for it

I dont see how i find it using the

(04 Aug '10, 12:06) Itay Eng

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