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I'm struggling to determine the acceptable procedure for mapping landuse and buildings for a church and its associated private school. The church operates the adjacent school, and the two share many amenities (i.e. address, parking, playground, etc.). There is also a private child daycare that operates in this particular church. This (in the US) is a Southern Baptist Church, but I see the same conundrum with Catholic schools in this area.

I can either 1) map as religious landuse with tags for the church and tag the school building appropriately, 2) map as school landuse with tags for the school, and tag the church separately, or 3) somehow tag both landuses.

What is the acceptable or standard in this situation?

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2 Just tag them as two items.

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answered 08 Dec '16, 22:57

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Draw both buildings. Mark the school as: building=yes; amenity=school; religion=christian; denomination=baptist; operator="Southern Baptist Church". Then add the address etc. For the church, it will be the same, only amenity will be place_of_worship. If you want to group them together in a relationship then select both buildings, then press Ctrl + B to create a new relation (JOSM). Edit the relation and provide the common attributes there and individually tag the individual attributes.

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answered 13 Dec '16, 06:56

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I don't see the need for a relation. If the church and the school are on the same grounds, they can be tagged with an area like landuse=religious so a site relation shouldn't be used (see, or have an amenity=school area adjacent to a landuse=religious area. And just because they have the same operator doesn't mean they should be in a relation (see

(14 Dec '16, 14:41) neuhausr

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