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I have been working in northern Wisconsin on some areas bordering Lake Superior. Some relations, such as nature reserves and administrative boundaries (counties, cities, villages, and towns/townships) use members of the relation for the lakeshore as part of them so that they completely follow the lakeshore. The problem with this is that I haven't been able to split more member ways of Lake Superior to create more relations using the lakeshore. Examples include the City of Washburn and the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. My client (iD is what I usually use (so it crashes my browser), but I even got JOSM to try and do this) almost always crashes when I'm trying to save, and this is after I have to wait a long time. Is there any way that works to split members of Lake Superior to use in relations like these without crashing my client or anyone who is able to split them in parts along the Wisconsin coast/South Shore? Thanks!

asked 08 Dec '16, 13:28

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I may be misunderstanding " haven't been able to split more member ways of Lake Superior to create more relations" - do you want to split the lakeshore ways of where e.g. reaches the lake and add those ways to the lake?

(08 Dec '16, 16:58) SomeoneElse ♦

I want to split the way forming the lakeshore where the administrative boundary reaches it and then use the way forming the lakeshore as a member of both the Lake Superior relation and the City of Washburn relation.

(08 Dec '16, 23:30) ItalianMustache

To see if it was possible, I've just done Wasburn using Potlatch 2, as described below, in and . Do you want to have a go at the other city?

(09 Dec '16, 01:38) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks so much- I've gotten this to work. I assumed that Potlatch 2 would crash the browser just as iD has, but I guess I was wrong.

(09 Dec '16, 04:09) ItalianMustache

Use potlatch 2. Choose the node you want to split and find the scissors button on the lower-right hand corner to split the way. If there isn't a node, click the position you want the node while holding the shift button.

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answered 08 Dec '16, 14:39

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I doubt that Potlatch 2 can handle. From the description of the problem I think that the OSM server has a problem to handle the large change request from JOSM.

(08 Dec '16, 16:32) escada

If the problem is splitting ways (which it sounds like) then I'd be surprised if an API timeout was a problem, since ways are limited to 2000 nodes. In that case I'd expect P2 to work (and be as good a way of any of solving the problem).

(08 Dec '16, 16:56) SomeoneElse ♦

OK, just done it in P2 for Wasburn, exactly as described above. The result is .

(09 Dec '16, 01:35) SomeoneElse ♦

👍. But let him do it next time, or else the user will never know how to do it.

(09 Dec '16, 01:38) Wetitpig0

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