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I what to create an area which includes all places within a certain distance from a way. How to do it?

Real life example:

This is a section of the Russian-Mongolian border. How can I create an area that includes the space 25 km within the border on the Russian side, within Buryatia? Thanks

asked 08 Dec '16, 06:34

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The Potlatch2 editor as a parallel tool ( in the tool box ) that produces a parallel line that can be used to help forming ways or areas.

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answered 08 Dec '16, 07:38

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andy mackey
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But the parallel line will just overlap.

Consider if there is a triangle stretching outwards, the node on the right aide may come to the left side if the distance between the parallel line and the original line is too long.

(08 Dec '16, 07:52) Wetitpig0

Not suitable for pure duplication. The length will change at every turn of the way. But I don't know what do you mean by paralleling the first parallel way again.

(08 Dec '16, 08:18) Wetitpig0

I deleted my comment just before you posted as 'paralleling the first parallel way' gain was not helpful after trying it out on a few ways.

I don't know the correct method to use but I suspect that to do this in a proper manner you may need to use QGis, ArcGis or similar then add the new way to Josm.

(08 Dec '16, 08:54) nevw

QGIS? What is it?

(08 Dec '16, 08:59) Wetitpig0

JOSM also has a parallel tool
It seems to me what is required is a combination of parallel plus offset tool.
My ignorance is apparent :) I will bow out of this conversation now.

(08 Dec '16, 09:25) nevw

Seems great. Thanks

(08 Dec '16, 09:28) Wetitpig0
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