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How can I edit a common tag of all members of a relation at once? Currently I edit by firing HTTP requests manually, but that is time-consuming.

asked 07 Dec '16, 07:32

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edited 09 Dec '16, 01:04


Please explain in detail the type of edit you want to make, and why you cannot use existing software.

(07 Dec '16, 08:19) Frederik Ramm ♦

I note that you have started to change the highway type of all members of certain road relations in Russia. Edits like that are considered a mechanical edit (because you don't look at the the individual objects affected) and should be discussed with the community before they are executed, else they are liable to be reverted.

(10 Dec '16, 09:27) Frederik Ramm ♦

How do you define "like mechanical edit"?

(11 Dec '16, 01:09) Wetitpig0

How do you know whether I look at individual objects or not

(11 Dec '16, 01:29) Wetitpig0

For a definition please see automated edits and the Automated Edits code of conduct.

(11 Dec '16, 09:14) scai ♦

In an editor such as JOSM you can select all members of the relation by right-clicking the relation in the relation list, and add/edit all common tags. I think this kind of behaviour is only available in GUI type editors, so JOSM and Merkaartor as far as I know.

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answered 21 Dec '16, 12:05

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