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I am planning to draw the border zone of different regions. However, if I tag it as a military space, the area would be so large that a lot of features will almost become invisible. So how should I tag it?

Clarification after questions: The region is a closed area. According to law, all persons have to get a pass in order to enter that region. These regions are usually set up to prevent illegal entry/exit. It is not a kind of military space but entry is usually forbidden, except for those who really need to enter that region (e.g. Local residents).


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Frederik Ramm ♦

I would suggest that you discuss the tagging of whichever border area it is you're interested in with the local mappers on either side of it or other interested groups. There are often disagreements over status, even where an actual border is recognised.

(07 Dec '16, 09:47) SomeoneElse ♦

But I am quite sure that few would bother rendering it, but it is quite important as it is about law.

(07 Dec '16, 16:20) Wetitpig0

I guess you can just map it as boundary. Many boundaries actually have implicit access restriction; a boundary=administrative admin_level=2 is a national boundary where you will often need a visa to enter, and a boundary=protected_area will often not be accessible to everyone either. So I suggest you check if has something for you, or else come up with your own boundary tag.

Don't expect your boundary to show up on the map on though; you'll probably have to set up your own rendering to display such specialist boundaries.

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answered 07 Dec '16, 08:30

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I guess the meaning of "protected_area" might have been misunderstood. That protected area means places with value, but this "protected_area" is a security zone.

(07 Dec '16, 09:00) Wetitpig0

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