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I recently gave a talk about OpenStreetMap to a non-technical group. One of the people present was a wheelchair user and he was particularly interested in locating disabled parking.

In order to find out what current practice is for tagging AND whether such tags are actually consumed I naturally turned to the wiki.

I found the wiki woefully lacking in a decent description of how to map disabled parking facilities.

What does exist seems to involve prolonged discussion of use of relations with type=site. Not something I wish to expose to people who arent already heavily committed to OSM.

Please could someone provide a succinct account which I can then recommend to non-OSM specialists?

asked 06 Dec '16, 10:00

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I agree that the wiki is currently just a mess regarding parking spaces for specific groups of people / purposes.

Personally I map individual parking spaces for disabled people along a road as amenity=parking_space + parking_space=disabled. According to taginfo I'm not alone. I don't use a site relation when mapping individual parking spaces along a road.

For a larger parking areas (amenity=parking) there is capacity:disabled to define the number of disabled parking spaces. Individual disabled parking spaces inside this parking area can still be mapped using the previous mentioned tags I guess. Even in this case I see absolutely no reason for a site relation since the parking spaces are already located inside the amenity=parking area.

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answered 06 Dec '16, 10:16

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edited 06 Dec '16, 10:17

Do you know anything about use of these tags by consumers?

And I agree with everyone who says that site relations are pointless in this case.

(06 Dec '16, 11:05) SK53 ♦

According to the wiki (a wheelchair map) supports parking_space=disabled. Unfortunately it doesn't have global coverage. The similar project wheelmap doesn't seem to support it yet :/

(06 Dec '16, 12:03) scai ♦

It used to be disabled_spaces but looks like capacity:disabled is the latest preferred tag:

The site relation comes into play when you're mapping the individual spaces

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answered 06 Dec '16, 10:12

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