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On the A17 through Lincolnshire from the A151 to Sutton bridge, there's a couple of roundabouts that are not showing as roundabouts, but there seems to be no way to change the road layout.

The Satnav using this map wants to send you the wrong way the roundabout the wroung way, thinking it's a 2 lane highway!

asked 22 May '11, 15:52

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If you would like to edit have a look at the answers to this and maybe get involved, if you have current "bing" aeriel images for the area it makes it much easier

(28 May '11, 16:21) andy mackey

Yes, that's because as you suspected they were not marked as roundabouts.

This is not meant to be a bug reporting channel: as you might imagine with a map of the world generated by volunteers, often without great quality input data, there are errors. Probably the satnav software you used might have generated an error report: those produced by Skobbler report errors at MapDust. There are other tools for reporting errors including OpenStreetBugs.

But the best way to resolve errors, particularly of this sort which just need a tag adding to an existing object, is to open an account, logon and fix the error. It's not much more complicated than putting a question here: and the real benefit will be yours. One of the reasons these have not been fixed is that we don't have many mappers in that area: so if you're using it on a satnav quite minor edits can hugely improve usability.

I fixed 3 roundabouts along this stretch of road: So you can see what I changed.

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answered 22 May '11, 17:03

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