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I know how to export tracks I create in Vespucci to my pc using the WIFI File Transfer App. There's a directory folder for Vespucci on the Android.

I cannot find a directory for OSMAND on my Android phone.

There is no information in the OSMAND help at I'm feeling very dumb.

asked 02 Dec '16, 14:13

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I guess you are asking about the trip recording plugin?

After saving the track in OsmAnd (REC -> Stop or My Places -> Tracks -> Current track -> Save) the track is listed under My Places -> Tracks. Next to each track there is a three-dots-menu with a share button.

The saved GPX track is also stored in your OsmAnd data folder. In my specific case (I'm using the external sd card for OsmAnd) the saved tracks are located under /storage/<SD-Card-ID>/Android/data/

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answered 02 Dec '16, 14:35

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for the free version of OsmAnd, the folder is not but just net.osmand I believe

(02 Dec '16, 16:56) escada

Excellent! I don't have an SD card but was able to find the files under /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ I never would have found them without your help. I did discover that I can "share" a track by email or to my google drive from My Places-My Tracks-rec and select the "three dot icon" next to the track I want and select "share"

(02 Dec '16, 18:25) Alan01730

After recent changes in OSMAND (Android) tracks are not stored in separate folder anymore. How can I export now many tracks at once outside OSMAND to back up them?

(25 Dec '21, 22:34) Andrzej3345

Sounds like an Android 11 restriction. I can't answer this since I don't have Android 11. On my phone tracks are still accessible via file manager.

(28 Dec '21, 08:37) scai ♦

SOLVED (in my case): For some reason the folder naming conventions and routes to finding the Osmand tracks on an Android device seem to vary between Android devices, Android versions, and access routes (USB cable, wireless, Bluetooth).

To find the Osmand .gpx tracks on my Samsung Galaxy S7+ tablet (Model SM-T970 running Android 13 and Osmand Plus) I had to connect the tablet to my PC (Windows 11) with a USB cable and use the PC's Windows Explorer with the address This PC\My Galaxy Tab S7+\Internal storage\Android\data\\files\tracks\rec (exchange the "My Galaxy Tab S7+" with the name of your tablet). From there I was able to upload the .gpx files, e.g. to OSM.

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answered 14 Aug '23, 17:12

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