How do I create and tag a cul-de-sac. I have one in my community

asked 20 May '11, 21:22

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A cul-de-sac or dead-end was taged with noexit=yes but this has gone out of use as it is trivial to see if it is a dead-end on a map. You just create a way and tag it with a highway=residential or other tag and routing software will be aware of there being no exit from that street. Other relevant tags might be access=destination or highway=turning_circle

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answered 20 May '11, 21:38

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noexit=yes can still be useful information for other mappers (and some validation tools, I believe) if the closed end of the cul-de-sac ends close to another way to make it clear it isn't just an error in drawing the way and that it definitely shouldn't join the road that it ends near.

(22 May '11, 08:33) EdLoach ♦

Yes, this is one method fo doing it. Other alternatives are beeing more detailed. Usually there will be either a footway connecting the streets, or there will be a barrier (or both). If you map these you add valueable detail and also communicate to the other mappers that the situation is on purpose like it is.

(28 Aug '11, 11:24) dieterdreist

I personally do the wide round area as highway=turning_circle, where there is a mini roundabout (an island in the middle), I do a circular path then set oneway=yes, of course if its more teardrop shaped I draw it as appropriate.

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answered 26 Aug '11, 23:45

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Sometimes I see them marked with "mini roundabout". Is this correct, or is "mini roundabout" for something else?

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answered 25 May '11, 17:19

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This should really be a separate question, but here is the answer: It's not correct as mini roundabout exist where two roads cross and you have to act like there is a big roundabout but the center part is just painted on the tarmac to enable long or wide vehicle to drive straight on.

(25 May '11, 18:45) petschge

cul-de-sacs are roads that just stop, or leave you trapped with no way through. a dead end.they could have a mini round-about at the dead end to assist turning around. in the UK they are sometimes signed as cul-de-sac to save a wasted trip

(26 May '11, 09:44) andy mackey

A cul-de-sac rearly have a mini-roundabout in it. But normaly you would have a highway=turning_circle as I stated in my original answer.

(26 May '11, 10:40) Gnonthgol ♦
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