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I noticed the name St Peters Tennis Club showing in the centre of this area of the map

From local knowledge I'm pretty certain there isn't a tennis club here and one isn't visible on Bing imagery. I checked on JOSM but wasn't able to activate a node or area relating to the club in this area.

The 'real' tennis club is further south east on Palmerston Street Did I do something wrong when I mapped it last year that causes the name to display in the wrong position?

asked 24 Nov '16, 08:16

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Not sure if it's the same issue, but a similar problem is , and some of the comments there apply here.

Not entirely sure why you've got the grounds of the club as "leisure=pitch" though and the courts not tagged as anything though? I'd have thought, if you're mapping individual courts, that they'd be leisure=pitch like for example is?

(24 Nov '16, 18:23) SomeoneElse ♦

This is likely a rendering artefact (aka bug in the style or mapnik and rather unlikely) or corrupted data in the rendering database(s). I've checked the object itself and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong, which is further supported by other styles not having the issue.

After various attempts to get the rendering to change I suspect that it is in fact a label placement issue (I'll investigate further). In any case mapping the facility as a multi-polygon was IMHO incorrect since the pitches are clearly part of the facility and shouldn't be punched as holes out of it (if site relation were better supported I would have suggested that). Unluckily there is no really well established tagging for clubs that I could find so the net result of the changes that I've made now are not really satisfactory, you might want to move the name of the club to the building.

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answered 24 Nov '16, 18:11

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Thanks Simon, I'd agree that name position is possibly a rendering issue especially given that everything displays ok on OsmAnd. My original intention of using a multi-polygon was to 'unify' all elements relating to the tennis club (overall area, actual courts, clubhouse, parking) in a single feature. Possibly this was misguided - I'm very much at 'toe-in-the-water' stage so far as multi-polygons / relations are concerned. I've now added the name of the club to the building although I have still left it on the area outline. Maybe it shouldn't be on both? Perhaps I should be using something similar to mapping school premises as a guideline

(24 Nov '16, 22:40) NZGraham

Removing the name on the building makes sense to me. Also, we tend to not abbreviate names in OSM, because a machine can make St from Saint, but not Saint from St.

(25 Nov '16, 08:58) joost schouppe

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