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In PDF some text is only searchable with the backwards spelling of the street name. I also noticed that in the SVG format, the text objects that make up the street name are in reverse order. Is there a way to fix this? For example when I search for Woodside St, I can't find it, unless I search for "tS edisdooW".

please help :o(

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asked 20 May '11, 16:06

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Formaggio Verdi
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This is a problem with the way mapnik renders text. I'll work on mapnik's text engine soon and I'll try to make sure the output order is observed.

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answered 22 May '11, 00:54

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Thanks for the clear answer! I also saw something in the SVG and did some experimenting. When I look at my SVG in Notepad for example, the TEXT objects that make up a street name will look something like this for the word "WOOD" (pseudo code):

id=2986 text = "d" id=2990 text = "o" id=2994 text = "o" id=2998 text = "w"

And no matter what order these lines are in, they will spell "Wood"....however, if you reverse the order of the lines, it will THEN become searchable by "Wood", not by "dooW".

I don't know if this gives you more clues. Forgive my redundancy if you already know this.


(23 May '11, 16:38) Formaggio Verdi

No there is no set way to fix this. The export PDF (and SVG) formats are primarily focused for display.

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answered 21 May '11, 16:23

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Firefishy ♦♦
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When this result is given by the export tab function from the main site you can try some other apps to produce pdf files containing rendered OSM areas:

Maperitive ... Maposmatic ...

Maybe that street names are searchable in the output files ...

When you want to search for more possibilities to render the map and have a PDF as result, have a look at "Rendering" in the OSM wiki.

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answered 21 May '11, 17:06

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