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I found a neighbourhood where all roads are tagged as 'West 1 Rd.', 'West 2 Rd.' etc, and I want to rename these to 'West 1 Road' etc.

How do I do this? I downloaded the subjects only using Overpass api, but in JOSM you only seem to be able to bulk edit many names to one name, not replace only part of the name. I also tried to replace all 'Rd.' by 'Road' using Notepad++, but JOSM won't upload it because I didn't add new timestamps to the objects when doing that.

It's about this area

(I am aware of the dangers of mechanical edits, but in this case, the number is limited enough to check each result, but too bothersome to do one-by-one)

asked 22 Nov '16, 11:12

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For your limited case, this method should work. I tried it a few months ago and it worked for me. Thanks to user escada for the method.

Basically, you use Overpass turbo ( to find the objects to edit, then the editor Level0 ( to change them.

escada describes the details in this post on the OpenStreetMap blog.

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answered 22 Nov '16, 12:30

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Thanks, this worked exactly as I needed it!

(22 Nov '16, 12:47) ff5722

Please note that my diary entry was describing how to fix a number of items that I mapped before. So I had visited them and knew my mapping was wrong or incomplete (fire hydrants & petanque pitches). In general you are not allowed to make such mechanical edits. You should "visit" each place you want to change. As for the URLs in my diary, I could have written a program that attempted to access each URL to really make sure that they were not working. Otherwise you have to follow the mechanical edits policy

(22 Nov '16, 16:58) escada

Aren't edits like this allowed (or at least permitted) as long as you check each entry manually? In this case the number was limited enough to let me check each modified name before submitting it.

(24 Nov '16, 09:04) ff5722

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