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I have used this Overpass query to download all the highways of a given city (indicated by XXXXXX) that have the tag name. The data was saved into a file.

<osm-script output="xml">
  <id-query {{nominatimArea:XXXXXX}} into="area"/>
  <query type="way">
    <has-kv k="highway"/>
    <has-kv k="name"/>
    <area-query from="area"/>
    <item />
      <recurse type="way-node"/>   
  <print mode="meta" />

Outside of JOSM, with a very smart script, I've parsed the OSM file to check if the highway's names were correct: if not, the script change them to the correct values. Keep in mind that I know exactly which way (hence its ID) is going to be modified. When the edit is done, I would like to upload the file to OSM through JOSM: if I click the Upload button, JOSM tells me "No changes to upload".

So far I thought about two possibilities:

  1. Download the area of the edit, then load my layer, and finally merge them. Then upload. Though, this is not feasible for me because I'm working on entire cities: the data to download would be too large.
  2. Obviously JOSM is able to detect the changes to a layer. Is there any tag I can add to the modified ways in order to get JOSM to upload them?

If you have any other suggestions, please keep them coming. Thanks.

asked 17 Nov '16, 22:18

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(17 Nov '16, 22:44) aseerel4c26 ♦

Side note2: I guess this may be an edit which is the result: (4 ways, 6 nodes edited).

(19 Nov '16, 19:13) aseerel4c26 ♦
(19 Nov '16, 20:24) Davide_sd

ah, thanks for the link, Davide_sd! :-) (the wiki page in the description tag is helpful … I just need to learn more Italian)

(19 Nov '16, 20:57) aseerel4c26 ♦

JOSM adds a action='modify' attribute to modified objects. Just try it: do a change in JOSM and save the file to .osm and have a look. See also .

permanent link

answered 17 Nov '16, 22:45

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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edited 17 Nov '16, 22:50


You are the man! Thank you!!! :) And yes, I'll be extremely careful with the script!

(17 Nov '16, 22:50) Davide_sd

can you show the code of your script somewhere, so others can have a look at it ?

(18 Nov '16, 04:20) escada

I will, but first I have to fix some bugs...

(19 Nov '16, 20:26) Davide_sd

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