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A monument, a memorial, bicycle related, like all the monuments/memorials of the tour the France, Who died on the road or have a monument near the road.

How to categorize, give it a bicycle related tag. So that i can make a U-map, and show all these monuments on a map related to bicycle events or persons related to bicycle history.

bicycle=yes, I find that inappropriate, because it is a access tag. If you could visit it on a bike, in front of the memorial.

no combination example found also here

historic:civilization=* – for the civilization that created the feature. Also not good

or just memorial:bicycle=yes memorial:bicycle=historic

Greetings Allroads

asked 17 Nov '16, 21:43

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edited 20 Nov '16, 17:27

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aseerel4c26 ♦

I don't have any advice on what tag to use, or how to structure a new tag, but I did want to say that I think it sounds like you see working on a lovely map, and if you could inform me when it's done I'd love to see it!

(20 Nov '16, 05:16) keithonearth

I am thinking of something like this: memorial:relation:bicycle=yes. Maybe a better word for "relation" should be used. Problem: the same tag for monuments makes no sense and using monuments:relation:bicycle=yes for them is not nice, too. One tag for memorials and monuments (and what else) would be good.

Maybe one tag similar to commemorates:wikidata=* (listed on ): commemorates:category:bicycle=yes or rather commemorates:category:cycling=yes. We have some of those commem… keys.

I guess binary tagging ("yes" and maybe "no") as values only could make sense here, as several categories could apply:

  • commemorates:category:cycling=yes
  • commemorates:category:accident=yes
  • commemorates:category:death=yes

But isn't that too much information already for the OSM database? I tend to think so. And which categories to use? Which depth level? I am not convinced of my own idea.

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answered 21 Nov '16, 19:11

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commemorates the expression is already in the tag combination memorial

The time of use, the period

era=bicycle (cycling) sport=cycling event:sport=tdf tour_de_france sport=bmx mostly, a person is remembered for his whole carreer, some multiple sports. so not the event is mentioned. but for a olympic monument this is used

but then the era=Olympic Games event:sport=London 2012

For all kinds of era, sports

just thoughts.

(22 Nov '16, 11:47) Allroads

@Allroads: Sorry, I do not understand - what do you mean by "commemorates the expression is already in the tag combination memorial"? Could you rephrase this?

(22 Nov '16, 19:19) aseerel4c26 ♦

a memorial is placed to commorate, the word memorial says that there is commorated something. I thought why use a other word? And not, memorial:category

(23 Nov '16, 21:43) Allroads

@Allroads: Using memorial:category as key has two downsides:
first, the key would be different for memorials and monuments (and possibly other similar commemorative objects) and,
second, it is less clear what the "category" is about. Is it a commemorated object, style, size or era category?

(23 Nov '16, 22:24) aseerel4c26 ♦

Taking the only one I know of as an example, I'd expect that you might be able to get somewhere via wikidata. Unfortunately the wikidata entry associated with the wikipedia page associated with that OSM node doesn't actually mention the Tour de France (wikidata) at all, so you'd have a bit of joining up to do, but I'd suggest that doing the joining there probably makes more sense than trying to do it in OSM.

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answered 17 Nov '16, 22:03

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks, ....

Tour de France was only a example. It is more, how such can be catogorized. These sport, monuments / memorials.

And searched for, by using overpass. A key/value combination must do the trick.


Then it could be linked to a Wikipedia page, or new page.

(17 Nov '16, 22:33) Allroads

@Allroads sport=bicycle? hmm, means that you can do bicycle sports on/in the monument. I don't like that.

(20 Nov '16, 17:31) aseerel4c26 ♦

you have a point.

(22 Nov '16, 11:07) Allroads

It doesn't sound like the same thing as you're describing, but there are some ghost bikes in OSM. Taginfo: memorial=ghost_bike AFAIK, these are often temporary memorials, so they may not be the best candidates for including in OSM.

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answered 21 Nov '16, 14:29

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May not be temporary memorials, but I've seen them with concrete foundations and welded metal construction. At least that type will be around for a number of years.

(21 Nov '16, 14:36) n76

There are a number of memorials to bicyclists around, not specific to a particular sporting event. Around here they call them "ghost bikes" and there is even an organization behind them with a web site at

I recall a discussion about them on the tagging mail list a long while back but cannot remember the outcome of that discussion.

Looking at OSM data at an area where one is located I see it is tagged with historic=memorial and memorial=ghost_bike

There are only 15 instances of memorial=ghost_bike shown by taginfo, so that is not widely used.

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answered 21 Nov '16, 14:35

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