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I'm using osm data to perform routes calculations with OTP.

During one of my tests it fails to find a walking route. Looking at the osm data with the editor I get an idea of why this could happen, but I would like confirmation and guidance to fix it if needed.

The area is:

There one can see from left to rigth> An urban street 'Avenida de la industria' with a crossing That crossing leads to an area tagged as garden, but its actually paved That area limits with a main road which also has a crossing This leads to a small unmapped paved area (can be see in the bing layer) Then the other direction of the main road also with a crossing. The main road then connects to a roundabout which also connects to urban streets.

Do a garden is considered walkable? Or is it needed to connect thoose crossings and urban roads with a footpath? Which is the recommended way to map this?

asked 17 Nov '16, 11:05

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I can't see any sidewalks tagged to any of these streets. That should be the main problem here. Further some of the footpaths end without being connected to any other street, that's probably not like that in reality. Have a look at and add some after reading the instructions, because adding sidewalks and footpaths in OSM is kind of complicated sometimes :)

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answered 17 Nov '16, 16:17

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Thaks for the anwser, I'll read it and edit OSM data accordingly. And yes, in reality is walkable :)

(18 Nov '16, 06:43) javisosm

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