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Hi, I am Olosunde Ayooluwa, pls I want to ask if I can get the water shed of an area fron OpenStreetMap.

asked 14 Nov '16, 19:28

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What is a "water shed"? What is "get" for you? Do you need some special format? And: is the "water shed" showing up on some map (is it in out data)? Could you please link to some example location? Are you looking for a map like that (central Europe only)?

(14 Nov '16, 23:09) aseerel4c26 ♦

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answered 08 Dec '16, 11:36

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andy mackey
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How? Do they really show watershed borders or just contour lines? If just contour lines then no use because sometimes the watershed borders are very insignificant.

(08 Dec '16, 14:40) Wetitpig0

They help narrow the location of the ridge or watershed line don't they?

(08 Dec '16, 16:38) andy mackey

A few rivers like River Ob have watersheds in super-relations, but for most rivers there are not any data.

To find out a watershed, you need to get all ways of the relation of the primary outflow river. Then search for nodes with intersections with that river. Get the river up to the source then you will get the final data for a watershed.

By the way, watersheds are usually clearly visible in the cycling map as it is just the ridge of a mountain, except for some borders like the one between the Dnieper and the Don, which are both located on the Eastern European Plain.

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answered 08 Dec '16, 09:17

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You'd have to infer watershed data - it's not something stored in OSM normally.

Rivers and streams are directional in OSM - the direction of the ways should be downstream, and they join other streams on the way to their destination (usually the sea). You can therefore work out where watersheds are by looking at which streams and rivers are connected indirectly to which seas, and drawing the watershed between them.

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answered 14 Nov '16, 23:52

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Hi, have a look at the plateau de Langres, with 5 France rivers flowing in all directions its a water shed or simple a good water source for rivers. Like the Marne & Seine go west, La Saone goes south, Meuse and Meurthe go north. but no sign of a water shed on the standard OSM map.

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answered 14 Nov '16, 22:19

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