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I am trying to name a building area with these tags but the validation process is reporting the error message I have noted in the title.

building=apartments name:en=Nichigo Apartments name:ja=雪山 source=Bing

What am I doing wrong? This is located at 140.7047055,42.8575236,140.7084961,42.8603574. Thanks

asked 13 Nov '16, 06:45

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If I change name:ja=雪山

to name=雪山

I get a different error message 'Translation - Missing Name...."

(13 Nov '16, 08:08) GavinX

try having all 3...
name:en=Nichigo Apartments

(13 Nov '16, 11:19) nevw

That fixes it.

(14 Nov '16, 03:05) GavinX

This is the site I guess
I don't edit much in countries apart from my own, Australia, but I would guess that it is because name=雪山 or name=Nichigo Apartments needs to be added depending on which name you prefer to show on the Standard map at
I think that you would normally be expected to use the local language version which in this case would be name=雪山
I expect that name:en=Nichigo Apartments and name:ja=雪山 are there for other map providers to give more choice with which language they wish to display.
I am not familiar with all the nuances with language so someone with more knowledge is likely to add more info for you.

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answered 13 Nov '16, 07:07

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edited 13 Nov '16, 07:14

nevws answer is in principle correct.

It is common practice in OSM to add the name in the script and language of the country/region in question to the name field. Any commonly in use non-local language versions (not translations!) to name:xx The standard map style will only use the name attribute and none of the other language variants.

It becomes tricky in multi-lingual areas however that is out of scope for this question.

Besides the above you need to tell us which editor you are using, because that is likely where the error message is coming from.

PS: please add comments as comments and not as answers

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answered 13 Nov '16, 08:30

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SimonPoole ♦
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edited 13 Nov '16, 08:32

I am using JOSM

(13 Nov '16, 10:22) GavinX

JOSM complains about lots of things, many of them should be considered warnings, not errors.

And some times JOSM is simply wrong (as in this case).

(13 Nov '16, 16:02) SimonPoole ♦

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