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So, one of the roads downtown used to be one-way, four lanes wide. Then, some bright person at City Hall decided that, to reduce parking problems and provide traffic calming, they should turn the two center lanes of the road into angled parking.

How the heck do I map this?

asked 27 Oct '16, 06:20

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I used to stay near this place. Apparently the roads are being mapped as divided roads, with amenity=parking in between those two ways.

Here's some hint: Bing aerial and Mapbox Satellite. These imageries are not that clear enough, hopefully you could see there are parked cars in the middle of the road.

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answered 27 Oct '16, 07:00

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For parking spaces along a road I would almost always go for parking:lane. It is a little bit difficult to understand at first but has good examples and is really powerful for most situations.

However currently parking:lane only supports left, right and both but not center. Of course you can introduce this value yourself but since this is a really rare case I would not expect any tool to support it.

Alternatively you could split the road since there is now some kind of physical separation. In this case you can map the parking spaces with parking:lane:left and parking:lane:right.

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answered 27 Oct '16, 08:15

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