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I have a street sign which says < No vehicles 10.00am to 6.00pm except for Permit Holders >. A few yards into the street are signs proclaiming it's a Pedestrian Area. A local authority leaflet says cycles are allowed along with the Permit Holders. How should I tag this please?

asked 31 Jul '10, 19:22

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(10 Mar '11, 16:56) Baloo Uriza

Let's first look for the basic tags. From 6.00pm to 10.00am, the situation can be described as

highway = pedestrian
+ bicycle = yes (optional, because it is a subclass of vehicle)
+ vehicle = yes

The rest of the time, we need a value for "permit holders only". I'll chose =private for the rest of this answer. (A more precise value might be =license as proposed by "License" proposal, but it isn't widely used and very similar to *=private for most applications.) The resulting tags would be

highway = pedestrian
+ bicycle = yes
+ vehicle = private

So what we need is a way to switch the vehicle key's value depending on the time. For this purpose, I recommend Extended conditions for access tags. Using this proposal's syntax, we end up with

highway = pedestrian
+ bicycle = yes
+ vehicle = private
+ vehicle:(18:00-10:00) = yes

The proposal's syntax is more powerful than hour_on/hour_off, can be used on a per-tag basis and is clearly defined: Using conditions, there's no doubt that the restrictions implied by highway=pedestrian are not affected, and neither is bicycle=yes.

Also note that

+ vehicle = yes
+ vehicle:(10:00-18:00) = private

would have the same meaning - however, a router ignoring the time-based restrictions will act differently depending on which one you choose.

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answered 03 Aug '10, 13:06

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I'm not sure vehicle=license is the right tag: 1) vehicle applies to all vehicles, motorized or not. 2) license isn't widely used, if it's used at all. Access by permit would be more akin to private access than anything.

Also, I'd be more inclined to use hour_on:motor_vehicle= and hour_off:motor_vehicle= to describe start and stop times, to fit with the modifiers used on oneway:mode_of_travel= and other similar tags already in use.

(03 Aug '10, 17:21) Baloo Uriza

@Paul: You're right about the value. As for the key, my answer assumes that the question's wording is precise. If the regulation refers to motor vehicles in reality, then motor_vehicle is, of course, the correct key.

I do not agree with your suggestion for the time-based tag, though. hour_on/off cannot handle multiple values for a key (e.g. different maxspeeds) or multiple time intervals (e.g. 7:00-9:00 and 16:00-18:00). It's a dead-end solution, and fixing a small subset of its shortcomings isn't worth the effort. If you want to discuss this further, I prefer a forum/list thread.

(03 Aug '10, 18:14) Tordanik

There is a wiki entry about access restrictions, which also details time-based restrictions.

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answered 03 Aug '10, 07:41

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Baloo Uriza
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Paul, Thanks for the link. I had seen the wiki and could probably put together the tags necessary but I stall at the Permit Holders only requirement. I was hoping to be pointed towards a similar example somewhere. The street concerned is a main road through town and I need to stop routing engines using it. Pete.

(03 Aug '10, 08:39) Molescott

Use hour_on and hour_off to indicate when restrictions start and stop. Then something like motor_vehicle=no, foot=yes, bicycle=yes as applicable. If that doesn't do it, then it's a routing engine issue, not a data issue.

(03 Aug '10, 09:03) Baloo Uriza

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