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I noticed this note from a user stating that the butcher shop is displaying as butcher's in the app (I am informed that this is grammatically incorrect).
I checked the openstreetmap data and the tag is correct... shop=butcher
and does indeed display "butcher's" for the shop
The user contacted and received the following reply " Hello xxx, thank you for noticing it. In our app there are just 16 categories and butcher is not among them, therefore, it should be corrected in OSM."

Is the app displaying incorrectly?, if so, where does the problem lie?

asked 13 Oct '16, 00:10

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I don't understand why you are asking this here, given you've already determined that it is a issue and the only thing you'll get here is conformation that it is a issue (that should be reported to

(13 Oct '16, 01:00) SimonPoole ♦

I was not so sure after seeing the reply from the staff, but I will now contact them.

(13 Oct '16, 01:36) nevw

This is the reply I received from
"Hello! Thank you for contacting us and information!
Translators motivate it as a valid translation of butcher shop and inform that it is not a mistake.
Best regards, Elena MAPS.ME team Help Center "
...time to move on...

(20 Oct '16, 00:26) nevw

Given Elena's reply we can better understand the problem with

Both sentences are poorly constructed and demonstrate a lack of understanding of basic English grammar.

It will take some effort on your part to straighten this out with the staff.

(20 Oct '16, 01:41) AlaskaDave

Apparently, adds certain tags correctly to OSM but displays them differently inside the app itself. I recently used to add a Thai restuarant and when I looked at the cuisine menu it offered Thai as a choice, which is incorrect because cuisine tag values are never capitalized in OSM. I checked the tagging later from within JOSM and found that it had added "thai" as cuisine.

I'm not sure why they do this but it does tend to mislead those of us who are familiar with OSM. Perhaps because they're playing to an audience that is either new to OSM or only use it occasionally?

As for the grammatical error you reported, it is probably just that the programmers simply don't know any better. Many people use incorrect grammar these days. Perhaps you've noted the very common misuse of "your" for "you're" and "there" for "they're" or "their"? One often sees signs offering "Burger's to Go" and other similar misuses of possessive nouns.



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answered 13 Oct '16, 01:12

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Just because incorrect grammar is widespread, doesn't mean it should be ignored.

Thank you for following this up with


(16 Oct '16, 03:33) Gypsy Chick

I wasn't saying OP should ignore it, merely pointing out that grammatical mistakes are widespread.

(20 Oct '16, 01:34) AlaskaDave

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