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I have drawn some routes in a map and want to display the distances but don't know how. I tried {distance} but it's not working. Can you help?

asked 10 Oct '16, 23:45

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edited 29 Nov '16, 23:01

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aseerel4c26 ♦

What software/website are you using? Could you explain in more detail what you did?

(12 Oct '16, 12:13) Lightsider

I noticed on the left hand side that if you select the 'Mehr Schaltflachen' button, then select the 'Entfernungen messen' button, you can then measure the individual routes quite well.

(12 Oct '16, 12:44) nevw

Yes, but I want to display the distances automatically. I know in former versions of umap I got the information.

(12 Oct '16, 12:47) Ziggie71

Still no idea???

(29 Nov '16, 11:46) Ziggie71

@Ziggie71: although I do not know the answer, maybe a bit more information could help: until when did you see the distances? Did you see them on the same map? Did you change the map since then? Which distance did you show - one from self-drawn routes or from OSM routes?

(29 Nov '16, 23:03) aseerel4c26 ♦

Maybe the umap mailing list is a better place to ask this question ? The developer of the website is the best person to ask

(30 Nov '16, 04:23) escada

I found but could not find the described controls to display the distances as shown in the screenshot. I have asked the developer Yohan.

(03 Dec '16, 14:04) aseerel4c26 ♦

moved to here from a new question entry (now deleted) by Ziggie71:

Without displaying the distances of the particular routes, Umap doesn't make sense anymore to me. Once it did work, then this feature vanished without any reason.

No support, no answers, no interest. I will have to look for an alternative, which is really hard to find.

(02 Apr '17, 13:46) aseerel4c26 ♦

Umap is that powerful. But the most essential information is missing. Why simply do not grap from the metadata and display it. It's like running a marathon without doing the last step into the goal. Please implement it and I think the developers make lots of people happy.

(02 Apr '17, 14:56) Ziggie71

@Ziggie71, this help forum is not the best place to write feature requests for software. Please use the Github repository for that. Keep in mind to keep a friendly tone, this is free software, probably developed by people in their spare time.

(02 Apr '17, 17:41) escada
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in Umap, you should use the tool to measure distance.

Go to parameters of your map and set Display the measure control. After that just pick-up tool and set points linked each-others and you have the distance

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answered 24 Apr '18, 12:49

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It's simple and I wonder why nobody could answer!

Just use {measure} if you want to display the distances in the popup.

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answered 20 Feb '19, 12:08

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edited 20 Feb '19, 12:09

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