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Are there any guidelines to mapping an intersection where two divided highways meet and one terminates into a single undivided way with a different name?

In my example below please assume the following:

  • Divided highway running east/west (named A)
  • Divided highway running north/south (named B)
  • Undivided highway running north/south (named C)

Scenario 1: Join divided highway B before crossing A

Join divided highway before crossing intersection

Scenario 2: Join divided highway B after crossing A

Join divided highway after crossing intersection

Scenario 3: Never join divided highway B

Never join divided highway

asked 09 Oct '16, 07:47

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If you have a specific intersection in mind, then it would be preferred that you give a satellite view to it so we can see the actual layout.
In general, from my experience of the type of junctions I have seen so far, I expect most would be best represented by scenario 2 and have a traffic signal tag on each line junction. Scenario 2 would appear to reflect the actual vehicle travel best.

(09 Oct '16, 08:02) nevw

On closer inspection of graphics above I see you have traffic lights located in preferred positions and agree with @Mike N that 1 & 2 are common and fine.

(09 Oct '16, 13:18) nevw

Scenario 1 or 2 is most common, depending on whether there is still a traffic barrier for B in the intersection.

Scenario 3 is a problem for turn by turn directions because a route passing through C-B or B-C will say something like "turn left followed by immediate right", and a left turn from A-C may say "turn left followed by an immediate left".

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answered 09 Oct '16, 12:46

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