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Apologies if these questions have been previously asked but I am new to this. The main road near to my home is incorrectly named. It is shown as 'DRUMERS LANE' when it should be 'DUMERS LANE' This is in the UK with a post code of M26 2PJ. Also, although my home address is shown on Google maps, it is not named on this database. The address is 'RIVERSIDE CLOSE' which runs off 'RIVERSIDE ROAD' again with a post code of M26 2PJ. I have submitted the errors via the error reporting facility on the relevant mobile application, but nothing has changed. Will this get picked up from this forum? Can I edit these details myself, if not how do I notify these errors? Thank you.

asked 17 May '11, 15:04

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Seems like you already have found out how to edit roads. :-)

That road is built up of multiple segments, so you have to edit all of them. It may take a while before the changes get rendered and show up on the map.

(17 May '11, 15:30) gnurk

You've also almost added Riverside Close successfully, but it is lacking the tags which it needs to make it appear. You have added the tags to one of the roads nodes, and not the whole road. If you select the road so it is highlighted in yellow and select Residential Road as a type instead of "Unknown", things might become clearer. Oh, and the end of the road needs extending to join Riverside Road.

(17 May '11, 15:40) EdLoach ♦

Thanks for that folks, I've added Riverside Close but I can't seem to get the road name to read right, it's all cramped up at one end of the road and is unreadable and I can't seem to get it right, any thoughts?

(17 May '11, 16:49) VinnyGee

Probably because you have parts of the way overlapping, see what EdLoach wrote above. I'd this a lot when starting and was rather mystified as to what was causing it.

(17 May '11, 17:01) SK53 ♦

See what you mean, but how do I remove the overlapping sections. I can see that I should have highlighted the beginning and the end of the road and any road curvature, but realised too late!!!

(17 May '11, 17:11) VinnyGee

It will probably be easiest to delete the road and draw it again. To try and fix it you can select an end point of your road and use the delete or - key on your keyboard to remove nodes. To delete the whole road use shift+delete. The editor isn't designed to handle this kind of overlap which is why it is messy and hard to fix.

(19 May '11, 15:07) quantumstate
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First of all, this is a valuable question as it incorporates quite a lot of user experience. Thank you for asking it. I'll try and answer each part of the rest of the question separately.

Incorrectly named roads arise on OpenStreetMap for a range of reasons, but the commonest is just through typos when entering the name! Usually to correct them all that is required is to use the on-line editor Potlatch, click on the road and edit the name field shown in the editor. A road may be split into several segments, for instance if the road has two or more speed limits, in which case the name needs to be edited for each segment.

If you prefer not to edit, then as you say you can report a bug. There is no guarantee that a bug reported through an app will be noticeable by OpenStreetMap editors unless the bug is transmitted back to OSM. The bugs reported by Skobbler apps are most likely to be noticed as these are presented in the on-line editor as a separate layer (MapDust). Also there is OpenStreetBugs which has a similar interface. I don't see your bugs in these two layers.

In the UK we also have a layer which highlights road names which do not match those of the Ordnance Survey (ITO OS Locator).

Unfortunately, whether bugs are resolved or not depends on how many contributors are active in the area. For some reason, the North-West of England has disproportionately few contributors, so there are also fewer people to check over bugs and fix them. As you have found the best way to fix them in this case is to edit them yourself. Various pieces of advice have been given about some of the detailed practicabilities in comments on your question.

Details about how to go about adding roads and postcodes are probably best answered in other questions.

Having brought our attention to your problem I note that MapDust has a good number of bugs of a similar nature in the area N of Manchester. I'm sure that there will now be a flurry of effort to fix them.

Other places were detailed assistance can be sought include the country specific mailing lists (in this case talk-gb), the IRC channel, and the forum. See Contact on the OSM Wiki.

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answered 17 May '11, 17:39

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SK53 ♦
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Thanks very your prompt and concise reply, I'll persevere to see if I can get the road name to read correctly, if not I'll report it as a bug, many thanks.

(17 May '11, 18:08) VinnyGee

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