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GPX trace that I recorded using OsmAnd and want to upload to OSM shows some extra zigzags routes in the start point of my bike ride, that I never biked into. Why does show that and how to fix it or go about it? Please I need help

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asked 07 Oct '16, 18:55

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Many GPSes will generate what you describe. The points that a GPS record do have error some time only 3 meters sometimes large distances. Big errors occur when reflected signal is received which will change the time that a signal takes to reach your gps and then the calculated distance from the satellite. You can improve the recording accuracy by carrying the gps higher, for example at the top of pack or high on the shoulder strap so your body isn't blocking the signals to the gps. I believe some GPSes have software that ignores or smooths silly results, they certainly do smooth their recordings otherwise even the minor zigzags would yield distances that were way over your true distance travelled.

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answered 07 Oct '16, 19:45

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For my edits I now view all traces ( which is easy using Potlatch2) and then use them to check Bing alignment and adjust it if necessary. The trace is also used to review the survey route which aids memory. Jpegs and notes are also used. Bing is best for the shape of ways roads and paths after using as many traces as possible to get a good average for bing or other aerial back ground adjustment.

(09 Oct '16, 22:07) andy mackey

This is pretty common and happens particularly when inside buildings, or near to large buildings, when the GPS cannot find a reasonable set of satellites. If your device is a phone it will fall back to using cell phone data (nearest 3G or 4G masts), which will be very inaccurate, if it cannot get a correct satellite fix. Make sure you start your ride away from buildings!

After it's happened, some apps (e.g Strava) let you crop your saved route to get rid of bits like this.

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answered 08 Oct '16, 10:10

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