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A while ago, vasinlo36 decided to remove about 450 (accurate) natural=peaks and natural=saddles in Hong Kong; see changest 42635683. (Almost all of them were added by HelioFelix in the last few weeks.) vasinlo36 complains, mostly, that since the peaks were so close together the map was very cluttered. Would it be better to restore all of the nodes; restore them with just ele=*; or keep them deleted?

asked 07 Oct '16, 10:40

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I'm not familiar with the area of that changeset, but in another example:

I'd suggest that that was "not a peak" by any reasonable description. I'd also ask what source was used for the height data, what licence it was obtained under and how accurate it is supposed to be - there's no way the top of that tower block has an elevation of 9.8m!

(07 Oct '16, 11:16) SomeoneElse ♦

From a random sample, most of the points I saw in the changesets were on hillsides (and a lot of streams were mapped along with them). I'd guess that 9.8m would be the elevation at the ground floor of the tower block? (I've only seen height data for tower blocks tagged on the tower block as height=*.)

(07 Oct '16, 14:27) jc86035

A cluttered map is what we aim for, so yes, it's not a good reason to delete nodes. The solution for renderings peaks nicely is to be found on the renderer side. Now, maybe there is still better reasons to delete them.

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answered 08 Oct '16, 07:02

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