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How can I add objects to the map which do not fit into the given categories e. g. an Institute which is not a school for children or a large furniture shop?

asked 17 May '11, 08:35

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If you really can't find a matching tag even after searching the wiki and consulting other mappers you may invent your own tag. Please make sure that the choosen tag matches other similar tags, doesn't clash with any existing tag and is extensible.

For a large (research) institute I'd suggest amenity=institute institute=research and discipline=material sciences or some such.

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answered 17 May '11, 09:20

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I have inserted an object and filled in some tags in advanced mode but if I change to the map my object is not shown. In simple editing mode my object is "not recognised". What have I done wrong? Sorry for my stupid questions, but I'm a newbie with OpenStreetMap...

(17 May '11, 11:15) HrundiBakshi

No you have not done anything wrong. The default rendering (as well as the simple edit mode) simply don't know about rare objects like research institutes and consequently don't render them. As the reseach institute is in a building you should also add "building=yes" to give the renderer a rough idea what the object is.

(17 May '11, 12:28) petschge

Thank you, now it works.

(17 May '11, 14:52) HrundiBakshi

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