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Hi all,

something seems to be wrong with this node:

It seems to belong to a line.

But there is no line... Strange.

asked 01 Oct '16, 16:40

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edited 01 Oct '16, 18:16

Allow me to point to the FAQ: "Things that are less welcome at include ... very specific questions the solution to which is unlikely to benefit others ("can someone tell me what is broken with way #123123?") - these are best asked on IRC or the mailing list/forum."

(01 Oct '16, 20:48) Frederik Ramm ♦

… true, however, better here than nowhere. :-) So, if possible, please use another communication channel for such problems, @rene78.

(02 Oct '16, 10:57) aseerel4c26 ♦

Okay, I use the other channels you mentioned in the future. Just looks like a bug to me so I thought some devs might be interested in.

(02 Oct '16, 11:00) rene78

Further to my first answer and to point out a few facts. For the POI, there is no length because it is a single node. (A node represents a specific point on the earth's surface defined by its latitude and longitude.) Whereas a way, (in OSM) is an ordered list of between 2 and 2,000 nodes, (one node is not a way), that define a polyline.

There are in fact two nodes here occupying the same point of latitude and longitude, one tagged as the gallery the other untagged. They are glued together but can be separated in the JOSM editor. So there lies an anomaly, two single nodes that share the same latitude and longitude are described by OSM as a way, but when you look at the tagged one it is described as a node.

How this came about I don't know and it doesn't make sense to me either. I think if the untagged node is deleted the Way: 445159904 will cease to exist as there will only be a single node left. I have left it things unchanged so you can see what I'm talking about and if no-one else does I'll remove the extra untagged node later..

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answered 02 Oct '16, 12:22

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Yes, that was the solution. Thanks for your feedback!

(02 Oct '16, 12:36) rene78

It really was a single node way, as Jochen Topf pointed out. It's not a sensible geometry, but nonetheless it is possible to create and upload such an object to the API (at the moment they seem to come from some unhandled corner case in Potlatch).

The unglue operation in JOSM adds a second node to the way. Another way of deleting the object in JOSM is to run the validator, they will be listed under errors as "Single node in way" and the "Fix" button will delete them.

(03 Oct '16, 14:48) maxerickson

You are right that it belongs to this way. That way only contains this one node, which makes it a strange way without any length, but it is a way nonetheless. This is allowed in OSM although it doesn't make much sense.

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answered 01 Oct '16, 20:23

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Jochen Topf
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Hello, that is a single node depicting a POI, tagged as :- tourism=gallery, name=Kunstverein with several other descriptive tags. A POI can be a single node (usually when one or more POI occupy a single building or space) or a polygon.

Please see this page :-

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answered 01 Oct '16, 18:12

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reverted 01 Oct '16, 18:15

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