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I'm looking to run a server that should expect pretty heavy traffic (in bursts) for a small area. I'm thinking about 6k-12k requests per minute. It will only cover one state in the US. My understanding is that I can get away with a pretty small SSD using an extract, say 250GB or so (is that right?), but can I get away with 16GB RAM for that amount of traffic?

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  • What zoom levels?
  • What stylesheet?
  • What infrastructure (mod_tile / renderd, or something else)?
  • Which State (e.g. Rhode Island or California)?

... are only the first questions that someone would want to ask.

(23 Sep '16, 18:28) SomeoneElse ♦

This should be fairly easy to bench yourself, so do that. It will give you a much better answers than relying on somebody else's experience, which differs in hardware, dataset, and usage pattern. You'll need to set up your server anyway, and benching it is just a small amount of extra work. Use rented hardware so that you can change it easily if it is too slow or overkill.

How often do you intend to update the data (which will invalidate the tiles) ? Will your users concentrate on specific areas, or spread randomly ? These two questions will determine how big a tile cache you need, and wether your SSD/RAM is big enough. At 200 rq/s, you should also make sure that you have a decent number of cores.

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