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I would like to create a map of the different parking permit zones in my town. I was planning to create a private map first then put it public so it gives me times to create it. I'm very new on this site and I haven't found the way to do a private map.

Anyone could help?


asked 21 Sep '16, 20:11

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While aseerel has given a good direct answer to your question, I would suggest that you do not make a big offline/private edit to later upload in one go, especially if you are a relative newbie:

  • Somebody could have modified the data between the time you downloaded it and the time you upload your changes, complicating the upload
  • You'll miss out on automated and community feedback as you progress through your work. It's better to spot problems early before the bad practice has been applied to your whole work.
  • There's no benefit to withold edits until they are "perfect" or "final". Maping is an iterative process, a map is by nature incomplete and uneven. Embrace that fact while you work towards making OSM the best map.

Upload a few permit zones at a time. If you are unsure about your edits, ask for somebody to review them, before they get so big that they get cumbersome to review.

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answered 22 Sep '16, 11:08

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Thanks, Vincent! I was assuming that the parking permit zones are not mappable in pieces. If they are - yes, @Corol, go for Vincent's advice and add your zones. However, I still think, it is good to start with other stuff first. "Zones" do not sound that easy to me.

(22 Sep '16, 17:36) aseerel4c26 ♦

You can use the editor JOSM and save your .osm file locally, re-edit it later on, and at some day integrate it into the OSM data. Keep in mind that OSM data is ever changing, so "integrate" is important!

Now the downside: if you are "very new on this site" this is not that easy. JOSM is not that easy to use directly at the start (maybe depends if you are a techy person or not).

There are not really other options. Somehow a workaround is to make a map overlay in, for example, uMap as your playground and after you have collected all your info you can enter it, manually, as new data into OSM.

Suggestion: get to know OSM, work on other stuff first and then, later, return to your zones.

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answered 21 Sep '16, 20:46

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Thanks a lot for your help! I might get started with easier stuffs and do the zones later on.

(21 Sep '16, 21:08) Corol

@Carol: fine, have fun mapping and … welcome! :-)

(21 Sep '16, 21:15) aseerel4c26 ♦

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