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I noticed that Nominatim has strange preference for boundary:administrative over place:XYZ when they have same name. Here is very simple example:

It returns one result:

Which is boundary:administrative. In the linked places there is this place:

Which is place:village. I am wondering why doesn't it show up in search results. I am personally more interested in places so I am wondering if it is possible to add a parameter to search to prefer places or it is a server-side setting for Nominatim. I have a local instance running as well so I can try to play with that.


asked 20 Sep '16, 16:17

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meta: In general, please do not post your questions to several places. That wastes help resources. If you really need to (for whatever reason), please always mentioning it in each post and provide links to the other posts. Once you've got an answer at one place, update all the other places.

(22 Sep '16, 20:21) aseerel4c26 ♦

@aseerel4c26 I will note that. It was just not very clear for me whether and mailing lists are maintained by same community.

(22 Sep '16, 22:12) Andrey

This question got answered on the geocoding mailinglist

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answered 22 Sep '16, 14:04

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As you point out yourself the behaviour is by design (to suppress having two OSM objects and results for the same entity).

You should probably raise the issue wrt specifically searching for places here

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answered 21 Sep '16, 20:56

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It is strange because sometimes Nominatim has no problem returning same entities:

(22 Sep '16, 19:12) Andrey

Those are all different entities (suburb, city, motorway junction, etc.), but with the same name.

(22 Sep '16, 19:32) alester

@alester it is very confusing because essentially there is no way to either filter out some results or figure out which administrative levels they represent.

(22 Sep '16, 20:13) Andrey

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