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What's the difference between a building having its name displayed in bold and one that is not in bold?

Is it that the edit has been processed/approved?



asked 16 May '11, 11:56

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Sam Foster
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Which program / web page are you asking about?

(16 May '11, 12:39) gnurk

Sorry - I'm a newbie

I was using the mapnik render on the OSM site

(16 May '11, 13:33) Sam Foster

From your follow-up question I imagine this is due to the mapnik render. I presume that you have tagged some buildings on the university campus with amenity=university. Mapnik's render rules are biased towards showing large campus sites at fairly low zoom levels and use bold text. You may find these buildings are much more visible than adjacent suburbs, towns and villages.

Basically its not good practice to tag individual buildings with amenity=university except when they are isolated. (See for instance this question: should-all-buildings-at-in-a-university-campus-be-tagged-amenityuniversity). Instead map the campus as an area and tag the buildings with building=*, where '*' can be values such as yes, laboratory, residential_hall. Use taginfo or tagwatch to look for widely used values.

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answered 16 May '11, 13:22

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SK53 ♦
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correct - I was using the mapnik render.

I had seen the other posting but wasn't sure if the answer was considered 'truth'.

Currently my university buildings are tagged as

amenity=university building=hall of residence


one layer of info I'm missing is where a building is part of a site/campus eg the Science Site - how I should tag/label/associate those buildings. Any advice?

(16 May '11, 13:31) Sam Foster

OSM is a geodatabase. If a building sits inside the campus you should't need to add anymore.

(16 May '11, 13:35) SK53 ♦

I've just re-read the

post, and I'm still not clear about expressing the relationship between buildings which form part of an 'estate'.

(16 May '11, 13:37) Sam Foster


I'm not sure I agree with that. Most buildings on University campuses in the UK have names, and students are guided to them by those names. Buildings are often grouped together into a 'department', 'school' or 'college' too, and as a geodatabase I'd have thought it should hold that sort of info and allow me to selectively retrieve those items I'm interested in displaying based on those relations. Or am I misunderstanding entirely?

(16 May '11, 14:01) Sam Foster

Best to take this up direct, send me a message on the OSM website?

(16 May '11, 14:03) SK53 ♦

I've sent you a message

(16 May '11, 14:37) Sam Foster
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No. There is no concept of "approved" in OpenStreetMap.

OpenStreetMap is, at heart, a vast database of geographic information - not a map.

Each particular map "rendering" is free to pluck out different pieces of information from the database, and show them in different colours. You can see this by using the '+' layer switcher (at the top right) on the main website, and flicking between 'Mapnik', 'Osmarender', and 'Cycle map' styles; all three take the data from the same database, but they've chosen to show different items in different styles.

It sounds like the style you're looking at is choosing to render buildings with one set of "tags" in a different way to those with another. Zoom into an area with both, and click "Edit". Then, click on the items in question. You might well see that one, for example, is tagged as a tourist attraction and the other as a house, or something. (For an in-depth view of the exact tags being used, click the 'Advanced' link in the editor.)

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answered 16 May '11, 13:19

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