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Hi everybody

where I can find a .csv template for import POI with all the settings?


asked 19 Sep '16, 13:36

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I am not familiar with Umap so am not sure if this is what you are asking for, but this umap project page discussion seems to give an example of how it should look, with a warning to not make a syntax error or miss an important field.

link to discussion

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answered 19 Sep '16, 14:08

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the post is related to what I asked but I tried to download the file, convert it to .csv but id doesn't work

(19 Sep '16, 14:50) destroke

It is a .txt file. You just need to save it to your disk and change the extension from .txt to .csv and that makes it a csv file :)
Is that what you have tried?

(19 Sep '16, 14:55) nevw

yes i know but there always the same problem

(19 Sep '16, 14:58) destroke

I just imported the .csv after deleting the line with the missing lat lon info (via 'create a map' then 'import data' via arrow icon on right of page) and it produced a map with some poi on it ok. I don't see any useful info when clicking on the poi, but I know nothing of the program anyway so would need to refine the map making I guess.
The map is here at the moment...You need to zoom in to the pointers to see that there are 4 poi
(I am using latest Firefox on mac El Capitan)

(19 Sep '16, 15:26) nevw

Try naming the columns in English. That worked out for me. E.g: "name","description",etc.

Sorry for the late reaction ;)

(06 Feb '18, 15:38) marque

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