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Is there a way to automatically count houses in a street/area?

asked 14 Sep '16, 12:19

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This query will generate a csv of all the "houses" in your current view. Just scroll down to see the number of records in the file.

This query does the exact same thing, but visualizes them on a map. You can then export them in any number of formats.

You can also draw a bounding box on the map to have better control of what gets counted.

You need both "way" and "relation", because houses with a courtyard are relations in the OSM data model.

Houses might be mapped as building=yes, not building=house. To get all buildings instead, simply replace ["building"="house"] with ["building"].

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answered 14 Sep '16, 14:16

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joost schouppe
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Hi Joost,

I wish to thank you for your response to this post.

Sorry to contact you this way, but I have an additional question, is it also possible to draw a polygon or only possible to draw a square?

Thanks a lot in advance, Gill

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answered 07 Dec '23, 09:18

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edited 07 Dec '23, 09:19

Yep, you can draw your own polygon. For example, this query draws a rough outline around Belgium: You simply need to list the coördinates that form your polygon. You could use a tool like to draw something on a map. It is also possible to search within the outline of an existing OpenStreetMap polygon.

(07 Dec '23, 11:05) joost schouppe

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