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I live in Russia. You have a street in your database in the city of Moscow, Russia, which is incorrect in the way it is presented. In edit mode, the side menu displayed it as follows: Russian - Малый Палашёвский переулок English - Palashevskiy Malyy Lane

The Russian is correct. Not the English due to the order of the words. The English words should be in the same order as the Russian. So it should be: Malyy Palashevskiy Lane or Malyy Palashevskiy pereulok (pereulok is the transliteration, as it is pronounced in Russian.)

Points on this: 1) It's possible, your database has more like this. I looked at other streets, and you had Malyy first for all the others I saw. 2) Almost nobody uses Lane here. They use the transliteration - pereulok. Interestingly, Yandex uses "Lane". Google is using "pereulok". 3) Notice I did not capitalize pereulok, but I did capitalize Lane. Russian don't capitalize this word, so it looks odd to them to capitalize pereulok. If you see it capitalized, it is by foreigners using their own capitalization rules. 4) About Malyy. Russian endings can be transliterated different ways, and different standards/preferences can be found. And Malyy is a prime example. Yandex uses one "y". Maly. Google uses two - Malyy. I've used "y", "iy", and "yy" for these endings. I go with "y" now. If you haven't set a standard for Russian endings, then you may have a mixture in your database. Here is a good document by a translation agency, which gives a table of standards they use. http://tetran.ru/SiteContentEn/Details/24


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I just corrected it, and switched Malyy and Palashevskiy. Everything else I left as it was. So now it is Malyy Palashevskiy Lane

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answered 12 Sep '16, 23:04

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