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Having trouble figuring out the best way to map a difficult intersection. I have seen it done in differently, in the map. The highway and junction wiki pages offer no suggestions.

Imagine a road coming to a T-intersection, but each turning direction bears off, so it forms a Y-intersection (with the intersecting road still at the top of the Y), such that there is a impassible triangle between the three roads. Each road has traffic in both directions.

One way that I have seen this done is calling each branch the name of the original street.

Another way that I have seen it is designating one branch a highway=service and leaving it unnamed.

Yet another way is tagging one branch as a "highway link" and leaving it unnamed.

Generally, there are no housenumbers on either branch of the intersection, so it would not really matter for numbering, but my sense is a road name should be used for one road, whenever possible. I would like to know how best to handle this for routing.

  1. service road
  2. duplicated road
  3. service road
  4. service road
  5. duplicated road

edit: as requested, above are links to the different methods mentioned. did not see any link roads, to show here, although they are rare the description does read like the best option.

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Can you post a link to the area in question ?

(07 Sep '16, 09:31) Vincent de P... ♦

2 and 5 are the correct way to do it - i.e. a way with the same name and highway type. There is no rule in OSM that "a road name should be used in one road wherever possible".

_link tags are used for roads with slip-road characteristics, and could potentially be used in such circumstances but in practice are used for more complex intersections.

A service road has its own access implications so would be incorrect in these circumstances.

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