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This way outlines the area used by the business Jack House Transit to store buildings which they have moved from one location and are being held pending sale and relocation to a different location. Have a look at JHT website for more information.

The way is already within an area tagged 'landuse=industrial' – should I just reuse that tag on the way or can anyone suggest something more appropriate?

The site is, in very broad terms, a shop – I could have gone to the office, purchased one of the buildings and started making arrangements for it to be delivered and installed on a vacant piece of land. Tags I have considered are 'landuse=retail' or 'shop=buildings'

asked 06 Sep '16, 11:02

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I've sub-tagged a couple of plant hire yards as "industrial=yard" (e.g. here). Maybe that would work? Very low usage currently though (as there is for most "industrial" sub-tagging).

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answered 06 Sep '16, 12:29

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There is no specific set of tags for this. Instead of tagging the entire area as retail, that could probably be in industrial or commercial tag. Tagging the office within that area, that sells the detachable houses that are in stacked in that plot, as shop=buildings might be more appropriate.

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answered 06 Sep '16, 12:11

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edited 06 Sep '16, 12:12

landuse=depot is another possible tag. This has occasional usage for things like truck company & bus company depots.

Please do not use retail tags. I presume these are mobile homes rather than bricks-and-mortar houses, and that they are rented or leased. By all means mark any sales office on site separately. I'd probably use an office tag for this.

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answered 06 Sep '16, 13:46

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If you look at the photos on NZG's link they are i assume timber buildings that are jacked up, lowered onto a large low loader truck then transfered to the storage yard, retailed then re-sited on the buyers plot. I have seen film of huge homes being moved in the USA.

(06 Sep '16, 16:50) andy mackey

I tend to think of something like a depot (where buses and bin lorries operate from) as being a different thought of thing to a haulage or plant hire yard (even though the functions are actually pretty similar). Maybe it's because of the number of agricultural engineers in the family :) Obviously house storage is somewhat different again. I'd agree it's not retail though.

(06 Sep '16, 17:17) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi, Andy's answer brought me here,*%3Dvehicle_depot you could consider industrial=depot with depot= a specific tag (home / house), not quit conform the Wiki but usefull for more specific depots all over the OSM World.

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answered 06 Sep '16, 17:11

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

Andy described the use of the land perfectly – it is quite common here in NZ as well as in parts of the USA to have houses (timber-framed) moved, stored and then relocated by low loader trucks. Movement is restricted to the dead of night and the routes are carefully surveyed beforehand for width, height and turning hazards. If you are in a hurry to get somewhere you don't want to encounter one of these trucks in operation!

I've decided to use 'industrial=yard' tag as this seems to sum up the situation accurately and concisely. I'll check the site again and try to identify the office and add that to the map.

In current usage the 'depot' tag is too closely aligned with transport/vehicle depots for me to be comfortable using it. I'll also steer clear of the 'retail' tag as it is an extremely loose description of what the land is used for.

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answered 07 Sep '16, 03:15

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