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Hi Why is there no option for rendering feedback? I wanted to inform you that a ferry service in Norway is discontinued. But it still appears on the map and OSM will route people there. They wil have to turn back and make a detour of more than 100 km. The ferry in question ran from Bardal to Hemningsvaer, as a connection between Sandnessjoen and Mo I Rana. As there is a new tunnel, the ferrry is discontinued.

Best correct your routing.

Additional question: It is impossible to upload waypoints. Which could beuseful for finding ferry's and ticket offices for example.

What is the compplication 'tags' necessary for???

Regards, Frank Höppener

asked 05 Sep '16, 11:35

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It looks to me like you've just found a mechanism to provide feedback, so I guess there's no need to answer that part of the question :)

On the specific issue of "how to communicate the absense of a ferry route to OSM mappers" I'm sure that someone will pick that up.

With regard to waypoints, I successfully uploaded some only yesterday, so I'd ask a separate question explaining what you are trying to do and what did not work.

(05 Sep '16, 11:42) SomeoneElse ♦

meta @Chuparuedas: please could you ask another question entry here on this site (if you cannot find an older question about the same topic) for your second question (and then delete the text part here)? Thank you!

(05 Sep '16, 21:05) aseerel4c26 ♦

Please stop using value judgements such as "a complication" (or, in your other questions, "Why is it so difficult" or "Why is it so hard to find?"). This site is for asking questions, not giving your opinions on things. Thank you.

(07 Sep '16, 16:00) Richard ♦

The preferred way for someone to provide map related feedback is the "note" function (speech bubble button on the right map margin). It allows you to place a marker and write a comment, and an OSM mapper can then fix the issue.

Of course you can also, if you have signed up for an OSM account, fix the map yourself by deleting the ferry route and, when saving, providing a comment about the deletion ("discontinued because of tunnel").

Regarding your question about "tags", they are our way to differentiate a ferry ticket office from, say, a tree or a dentist's.

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answered 05 Sep '16, 11:58

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(05 Sep '16, 20:32) aseerel4c26 ♦

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