Petersburg, Alaska I would like to edit this map but with everything being off it is very difficult to fix. Is there a way to select everything in the current view so that I can roughly move it?

Check it out this Alaska Overlay is accurate I checked it with my gps running in my vehicle carputer. Here is the URI for the tiles if it doesn't show in the editor.$x/$y/$z.jpg

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If you want to roughly move it I would suggest using the JOSM editor: it allows more rapid selection of large number of objects than Potlatch (the online editor). You can select multiple objects with Potlatch using Shift-click, but it can be frustrating to lose a large selection through inadvertently clicking in the wrong place.

However, looking at Petersburg, I think you'd be faster realigning by hand. You have typical poor TIGER data, but with a manageable volume of data. The simplify line tool (bottom left in the tool menu) in the on-line editor Potlatch will help. I'd drag the intersections to their correct locations, and then use the simplify line tool to straighten out each street.

A far bigger job is getting the coastline more accurate, and this needs to be done by hand anyway.

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answered 15 May '11, 10:09

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