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Hi, triggered by the newcloudatlas.org initiative I'm asking how do we map the usual mobile communication antennas that are mounted on roofs? I never found a good answer and in german lang pole / mast / antenna are pretty close and I'm not sure if we need (an full) technical term for tagging?

  • telecom=antenna - seems to be obvious, but this is (technically) only a single component of the setup. Also there other other very big structures which might be clother to this tag ?
  • man_made=mast, mast:type=communication, communication:mobile_phone=yes - wiki says standalone, which isn't the case? (also rendered at osm.org which point that they are somewhat landmarks?)
  • man_made=tower, tower:type=communication, communication:mobile_phone=yes - well it's not that a solid installation?

So what do you choose or recommend?

asked 03 Sep '16, 09:31

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Also the folks of http://newcloudatlas.org/edit/ suggest to follow the telecoms project tagging rules

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answered 04 Oct '17, 06:09

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Hi iii, read the Wiki, https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:man_made%3Dcommunications_tower add those tags if useful and add height=5 for meters in height the length of the mast on top of a building. Don’t try to make another tag since there has been talked about these man-made mast since 2011. The recent result was a mast is no tower, cleared by pictures. A short mast remains a mast anyhow. Practically a mast on top of a roof is still a stand alone with or without guides, As soon as its build on to the walls surrounding the building or the elevator shaft there no guides needed.

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answered 03 Sep '16, 10:10

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edited 03 Sep '16, 10:12

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