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I just got an android and loaded Vespucci. I've downloaded an area and added a node that I want to tag as a shop. I'm in the tagging editor and have created tags. I cannot figure out how to exit the editor. The only options on the bottom of the screen are trash,copy,cut and help.

asked 02 Sep '16, 18:10

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To exit the tag editor just click on the back button in the top left corner:

back button

I agree that this is not very obvious and I think I stumbled over the same thing in the past.

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answered 02 Sep '16, 19:20

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Great answer. I never would have recognized that as a back button. There was nothing in the edit tutorial that said press the back button. Works great,saved me a lot of frustration. I like the extent of the features in the app.

(02 Sep '16, 21:03) Alan01730

It's the standard android way of returning to the "main" part of an application, so not really particularly special or non-obvious (it is so standard that there is no provision for changing the button in the Android API).

PS: naturally the simplest way of finding this out would have been simply to use the online help built in to Vespucci.

(03 Sep '16, 09:39) SimonPoole ♦

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