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I am a new user of OpenStreetMap, and I have been trying to figure out why the directions function is not routing over certain paths that clearly allow for a shorter trip. I am dealing solely with foot paths and subclassifications such as bridges and tunnels. Each path has been triple checked to assure that each point is connected.

Any information would be a huge help. Please let me know if I can provide some more useful information, as I do not know what might actually be useful information as a new OpenStreetMap user.

Thanks, cdolak

asked 02 Sep '16, 15:01

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Can you create the route on and include the URL here? That way people might be able to investigate it.

(02 Sep '16, 15:10) SomeoneElse ♦
(02 Sep '16, 15:24) cdolak

This route is acting strange. It first directs you down the Colonial Parkway and up Visitor's Center Drive, but after refreshing the page once or twice it redirects down the path starting at North England Street...

(02 Sep '16, 15:36) cdolak

You might have to wait for the routers to get the latest data from OSM. Each router has its own update cycle - it can take hours upon hours to prepare a new routing graph, so updates are not always immediate.

(02 Sep '16, 16:12) Richard ♦

The route change mentioned in the previous comment is caused by the precision loss of the coordinates. 37.26963/-76.70513 gets 37.2696/-76.7051 and 37.27756/-76.70101 gets 37.2776/-76.7010. Also there are various errors in the data such as missing nodes at intersecting ways (here, here, here and several others) and overlapping ways (here) but this shouldn't influence the calculation of your route as far as I can tell.

(02 Sep '16, 16:16) scai ♦

It would still make sense for the router to send you over the footpath either way, right?

(02 Sep '16, 16:21) cdolak

Not if the node at the intersection is missing. Ways have to be connected for routing to work correctly. But in this case the routing database just hasn't been updated yet, see my answer.

(02 Sep '16, 16:31) scai ♦
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Wait a few days for the routing databases to get updated.

You seem to have added essential information just today, such as way 440353906 and way 440348587. Usually the routers can't keep up with the speed of the renderers, hence your new ways are already being rendered but not chosen for routing. Waiting a couple of days should resolve this problem depending on the chosen routing engine.

Nevertheless you should try to fix these other errors (missing intersections, duplicated/overlapping ways) in the data. Take a look at OSM's error detecting tools.

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answered 02 Sep '16, 16:28

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If i find a routing error I just test the route in very small sections, just put the green and red flags either side of any suspect sections. When I just looked at your route I also found the sections that SCAI pointed out. I edit with Potlatch2 and checking with the advance tab i found one node is dated 02 09 2016. That is recent, i have waited several days for routing to act on changes. Once you think you have fixed it, it's proabley best just wait, otherwise it may delay the update.

(02 Sep '16, 17:46) andy mackey

Thanks so much for the help everyone!

(02 Sep '16, 18:28) cdolak

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