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Hello It seems that the certificate for opentopomap is no longer valid: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER As a result of this opentopomap is not working and does not show maps. Can you fix this asap. Kind regards, Joris

asked 29 Aug '16, 08:10

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Did you try to contact the authors? See or (by adding a temporary exception).

(29 Aug '16, 08:33) scai ♦

I just used opentopomap to get a garmin.img with contours it worked great and i did not have to unzipp it. worked in Basecamp and Oregon 450

(29 Aug '16, 14:35) andy mackey

@andy-mackey this questioner is using the https version of the site; you're probably using the http version.

(29 Aug '16, 14:44) SomeoneElse ♦

I have contacted one of the authors but did not get any reaction. This is very much a disaster because I have about 1000 pages with links from my website to opentopomap. If this is not fixed soon I will have to change to another alternative if there is one. Sadly I thought Garmin was more trustworthy.

(29 Aug '16, 18:53) JorisVdB

You seem to mix things up. OpenTopoMap is provided by volunteers, Garmin isn't involved at all. Furthermore you can just use the HTTP version as already suggested by user SomeoneElse. Moreover the certificate warning just tells you that the certificate is self-signed. This doesn't have to be bad per se (but it could be avoided by getting a certificate from Let's Encrypt).

(29 Aug '16, 19:12) scai ♦

@JorisVdB: when did you contact (which medium) which author? Please keep in mind that those (and we all) are just volunteers with daytime jobs and so on.

(29 Aug '16, 22:38) aseerel4c26 ♦
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I have received message from derstefan and he sais it could take weeks. So for weeks my website should be crippled. That does not give a professional impression to my visitors. Some membes here speak about the http version. What is the url of this? brings me back to https. So what is the http version. On the other hand, does anyone knwow a good alternative?

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answered 30 Aug '16, 06:34

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Re "your website being crippled" - as ever xkcd has a suitable comic for the occasion: . Something that you had no terms of service agreement with, and paid no money for, is no longer available.

I'm sure that there are other (free, created by volunteers) alternatives, and also the expertise within the community (all unpaid volunteers) to set up something similar for yourself; but frankly after your comments here a number will be asking why they should bother.

(30 Aug '16, 08:23) SomeoneElse ♦

Maybe you can offer derstefan your help to fix the problem if your website relies on his service.

(30 Aug '16, 09:18) scai ♦

@ SomeoneElse: Do you really believe that running a free service frees you from all responsibilities? I am much aware of problems that might occur and if there is any way I can help I would consider this. But here it seems just a matter of getting the right certificate to solve the problem. I don’t know if one needs to pay for such certificate and, if so, how much it would cost, but if needed, you can always ask your users to contribute. Anyway: opentopomap is a great initiative and I would be very sad for the creators and users to see this project going to end. But if you lack time, budget or facing other problems in what turns out to be a valuable asset for others, why not asking for help? If you’re left alone in this project why not reorganize and look for more people to assist you? Everyone will understand and I am sure helping hands will be found.

(30 Aug '16, 09:58) JorisVdB

@JorisVdB For some people making nice things is just a hobby. If they don't want to reorganize their hobby it's up to them. If they haven't got time for sorting out TLS certs, that's up to them too. They have no responsibility for their hobbies, the same way as someone isn't forced to keep running or cycling if that's their hobby either.

It's really not fair for you to be criticising like this.

(30 Aug '16, 11:54) Andy Allan

Assuming you charge your users xx € per year to visit and use your site and the availability of the map it of utmost importance, you should certainly look at buying professional service and get your own OpenTopoMap server hosted. EoD.

(30 Aug '16, 12:19) mmd

Since at least May 2016 opentopomap should use a certificate which is signed by let's encrypt. This seems to be a temporary glitch to me. I guess the authors/devs will comment and fix soon.

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answered 29 Aug '16, 22:38

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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You can of course use the http version of the site, but see the explanation here about why it does not update any more.

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answered 29 Aug '16, 14:43

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Hmm. that doesn't really seem to work. Even when calling the site via http, tiles for the current OpenTopoMap 2.0 style will still be loaded via https (it's hardcoded in Javascript).

I had to confirm the unknown certificate for each tileserver: a, b, c, d

(29 Aug '16, 19:28) mmd

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