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OSM driving directions are great. When I lookup directions, I see them displayed to the left of the map with the route highlighted. But, when I print, the directions are missing; it's just the map. Why is this? How can I print the directions?

asked 29 Aug '16, 04:07

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Someone (perhaps you, in which case thanks!) has just added this Github issue:


(31 Aug '16, 08:23) SomeoneElse ♦

alt text

To see driving direction click the bent arrow (as to know) and either type in the two places or drag the red and green flags. You should now have the map and the route. From here i do a screen snip ( in windows 10 ) and just print the screen. You will probabley find that much of the route is simple and you only need to print the the complicated bits.

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answered 29 Aug '16, 14:23

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andy mackey
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From reading the question it would appear that the questioner has done that, but doesn't know how to print the directions.

(29 Aug '16, 14:36) SomeoneElse ♦

well, he could just screen snip the directions, admittedley that may be tedious for a long route, but it is the best i can think of.

(29 Aug '16, 18:57) andy mackey

How about creating a feature request for it on: https://github.com/openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website/issues

(29 Aug '16, 19:35) mmd

Most desktop PC OSes have some sort of screen grab, or you may have to download one but it should do the job. But i agree a clickable direction print tab would be better.

(31 Aug '16, 17:01) andy mackey

alt text

This is the bent arrow that gives access to the routing or directions feature.

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answered 29 Aug '16, 14:26

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andy mackey
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