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In the UK a lot of Pubs have beer gardens. They are usually grass but can be paved or have decking. What is the best way to map gardens? At the moment I am creating an area and tagging it as grass. This looks nice on the map but it is not clear that it is a beer garden. Also I'm not sure about how to map a fully paved or decked garden. For the pub building I have been adding the tag beer_garden=yes. Should this be added to the grass area too?

asked 28 Aug '16, 11:22

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When using the value garden:type the drop down box has preset values for either pub or beer. Which would be more appropriate? At the moment I am doing it like this alt text

Should I use garden:type=pub instead?

(31 Aug '16, 22:01) mapping man

Taginfo in the UK suggests a few ways of doing it - either a value for "garden" or a value for "garden:type", and some keys for which "beer_garden" is a value. If enough pub beer gardens get mapped we can start worrying about tag standardisation but there are so few mapped currently that it matters less than getting more mapped.

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answered 30 Aug '16, 23:19

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Not a very constructive comment, but please DON'T use amenity=biergarten. One or two of these do exist in the UK, but they are not Beer Gardens. This tag has been misused in the past but should be kept for those places which truly conform the the Central European archetype.

(31 Aug '16, 10:10) SK53 ♦

Are you trying to define additional physical features of the grass or are you defining how the field is used by people? Perhaps you want drink:beer=yes

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answered 28 Aug '16, 17:58

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